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If Jesus was to come to Portadown today, where would you find Him? In a shepherds hut?

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

Micah my 9 year old grandson other wise know as director of operations went into the shepherds hut last week to inspect 'how Trev was getting on with the work.' He decided it was pretty cool and papa was doing 'a good enough job.'

'I love this prayer hut Nani' he said, 'after all this is the kind of thing Jesus came to when He came to a stable isn't it? 'Like after all, Nani if Jesus was to come today He would come to something like this hut, wouldn't he?'

'Yes, pet I replied, if Jesus was to come to Portadown today, I think He would come to something like this hut, in fact I think He already has.'

The child had just given his Nani a lesson on following the way of the Master.

What did Jesus do when He came to earth today? In fact what would Jesus do if He came to Portadown today? He would prayer walk the peoples park with his friends like his papa does faithfully every Friday night. Would He cry out to the Father for the 14 year old girl we seen taken into an ambulance high on something or other one week. Or would He draw alongside the McDonalds dad who has to take his child to a public place on his weekly access visits because he has no where else. Or would Jesus come to you where ever you are today?

If Jesus came to Portadown today, sat down with you and asked you how you were doing, what would you tell him? Would you give him the usual flippant answer that you usually give. 'I am dead on, what about you?' Or would you take a deep breath and tell him the truth? Would you tell God your worries about the child who is scared to go back to school, or your elderly mum shielding or tell him how tough it has really has been for you during lockdown. Maybe he would understand how scared you are about the future and the fact that you have just lost your job?

The shepherds hut is that sanctuary where we hope you will be able to go to do just that.

Sit with Jesus and tell Him what is really going on with you. Pour out your heart to your God, give Him the real pains and struggles you are dealing with on a daily basis. When we are fully operational we hope you will find a place where your Shepherd is there waiting for you.

I used to have this plaque that said Jesus knows, there were times when I looked at it and I was glad, but there were also times when I felt guilty, Jesus knows, we need to see that to. Jesus knows the real you, the you that you hide from the world, and He knows your real struggles. He knows what it is like to have to be given food by others, to be worried about His mum who he was going to leave behind after He died. On the cross as His own life was ebbing away He even asked one of his disciples to look after her. That is the kind of man Jesus was, that is the kind of God He will always be. Jesus cares deeply for peoples pain and loneliness. Jesus notices when you shed that tear that you thought no one noticed. He has provided the Shepherds hut to be a place where you will find Him, If you really want to, if you are real with God, you will find Him in the stillness of His presence.

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