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What is the signifiance in a ate?

June 9, 2019

This is my gate and it has a lot of significance for me. A good friend sent me this photo and says every time she sees it she thinks of me. She knows the significance of it to me but she has no idea just how significant it is to me. The gate is near a church I used to drive to, year in year out to camp in a field and struggle with the facilities and the weather and meet the Lord in a tent, days full of  good memories. The security men would close the gates at night and to try and make sure we were safe but we did not always obey the rules. 

This gate is one of the old fashioned types of gates. It is riveted for strength and the two crosses in the middle are made from twisted beaten metal. The gold over the cherubim on the altar is the only gold that was not poured into a mould. Instead the angels that cover the mercy seat were themselves covered in a gold that was still intact but was beaten beyond all recognition. The gold that covers the angels over the flame of God took namy blows to beat it into shape at the mercy seat. Jesus took the blows for us that took the shape of our struggles and sins and protected us from the wrath of God that reveals the glory of God at the mercy seat.  Our great high priest brings us to wash our hands and enter the presence of God through the symbolism of the ark of the covenant and the glory of God that shines pure and holy, the shekinah.

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June 9, 2019

My gate is where the Lord calls me into His presence, and I would rather be a gatekeeper in the house of the Lord than dwell in the thents of the wicked, but what is a gatekeeper. My gate has a V right in the middle of it because it is the one that has been shaped for me. My gate has beaten metal on the crosses in the middle because my Jesus was beaten and that is central to me becoming a gatekeeper. Judges 5 v 7 says there was war at the gates. Gates have a lot of symbolism all over the bible. From the elders sitting at the gates of the city and overseeing the town's affairs.  To the priests washing their hands the gates of the tabernacle before entering the presence of God right through to the disciples healing the paralysed man at the gates of the temple and many more examples God revealed himself at the gates of transition. 

My gate has a bar on the bottom left, a strengthening bar.  God has given Trevor to me and our marriage is strong but it has had its share of struggles. He gives me strength and he holds me stable. He told me that we had a gate just like this years ago on our land.  We have a war outside our gates today but the Lord is our shepherd. We have leant a lot since Trevor became a shepherd of sheep, both the human and now the animal variety, but that is Trevors story for him to tell. 

My gate is unique to me. My gate has my name on it My gate opens to allow me to enter int o my destiny. Jesus said he was the way the truth and the life, no man comes to the Father only through Him. My greatest privilege is to open my gate and allow access for others to let Jesus enter in.      

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