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People in crisis are usually unable to take in “good advice” or to hear sermons. A more helpful response is simply to sit quietly with them. Visit people, pray with them if they are ready, and listen to them to help them get their pain out. Do not argue with them or make light of their experience or their feelings. Offer practical support when possible. When they are ready, offer to read together some passages from the Bible that will remind them of God’s love for them, and help them recognize that they are not alone in their suffering.

Wounds of the heart are serious and will affect our behavior

Psalm 109.22 Proverbs 14.10

Proverbs 17.22 Proverbs 18.14

Many people in the Bible felt pain and expressed it to God and others

1 Samuel 1.10, 13-18 Psalm 55.4-6

Matthew 26.37-38 John 11.33-35

People who are suffering may say hard things, hide their true feelings, and feel cut off from others

2 Kings 4.26-27 Job 6.25-26 Job 10.1

Psalm 31.9-14 Psalm 88.8, 18

God comforts us in our suffering so that we can comfort others

Ecclesiastes 4.9-12 Psalm 119.50, 92

Isaiah 40:11 2 Corinthians 1.3-7

We should listen carefully to others, help them express their pain, and not hurry with good advice

Job 13.12-13; 21.2-3a Ecclesiastes 3.4, 7

Psalm 32.3 Proverbs 18.13

Proverbs 20.5 Galatians 6.2 James 1.19

God hears and understands our cries of pain

Psalm 6.1-4, 6-9 Psalm 34.17-18 Isaiah 53.3-4

Matthew 9.35-36 Matthew 25.35-36 Hebrews 2.18

God understands our anger and doubt

1 Kings 19 Psalm 73.21-28

John 20.19-29 Hebrews 4.15-16

God is a powerful protector and will bring justice when the time is right

Psalm 73.25-28 Psalm 96.10-13

Romans 9.22–24 2 Peter 3.9

God will not abandon us

Psalm 27 Psalm 121 Isaiah 49.13-16

Romans 8.18-39 1 Corinthians 10.13

We can turn to God each day for renewal and strength

Psalm 46 Isaiah 40.28-31 Isaiah 57.15

John 14.15-21

God can work positively in negative situations

Genesis 50:20 Romans 5:1-5

Romans 8:28 James 1:2-4

God loves us and has good things in store for us

Isaiah 61.1-4 Matthew 7.7-11

John 14.1-14 2 Corinthians 4.16—5.9 Revelation 21.1-7


LUKE 10:27


The man answered, “‘Love the Lord your Godur heart, with all your soul, with all your strength, and with all your mind’; and ‘Love your neighbor as you love yourself.’”

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