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Gatekeepers constitution


To provide intergenerational holistic therapies for all abilities and disabilities individually and in a network of multicultural community relationships.

To promote optimal vital mental and physical health through individual existential growth

To promote social inclusion including reconcilliation and restoration of relationships.


By creating a safe pace to heal and restore with one to one counselling, support groups, teaching conferences and training workshops promoting social inclusion.

Objects and Powers

Counselling, mentoring, mediation meditation and workshops, training in life skills and personal development classes, telephone crisis helpline and 24/7 prayer room.

Target group

All community sectors collaboratively training in skills, knowledge and experience.


Art and Craft workshops in house, and creative events in the community sector

One to one counselling psychoeducational and psychosocial therapeutic peer groups, Continuous personal development courses for all ages and stages of life

Training in life skills including nutrition and environmental restoration and theology

Referral network for professional services, support groups and statutory agencies

Support of disadvantaged and disenfranchised through the local community

Raising funds by utilising the existing agencies and creating new infrastructures.

Opportunities for development

Job skills training and development of skills and talents

Teach the philosophy and theology behind counselling and mentoring

Distribution of educational materials and facilitating training workshops

Raise and distribute funds to invest in all of the above and other charities

Director/Manager Treasurer

Vivienne Kane 07960956878 Maureen Mullen 07708015360

Committee Maria Herron Sharon McCollum Melanie McGee

Karen McKitterick Joyce Ferguson

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