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Gatekeepers ethos and beliefs

Judges 5 verses 6 to 8

The highways were deserted, People walked away from being with each other

And the travelers walked along the byways. Feeling lonely and isolated

Village life ceased, it ceased in Israel, It takes a village to bring up a child

Until I, Deborah, arose, Where are they when you need them?

Arose; a mother in Israel. Rise up spiritual mothers and fathers?

They chose new gods; If we dont tell them the truth, who will?

Then there was war in the gates; What happens if we dont go?

Aims and objectives But who will I send? Isaiah 6

To promote a Christian response in a culture of all abilities and disabilities, healing all ages and stages of life individually and in a network of multicultural community relationships.

To provide counselling, mentoring, mediation, workshops, seminars in life skills and personal development classes, support groups, crisis helpline and 24/7 prayer room.

Objectives “Thus let all Your enemies perish, O LORD! Judges 5

Optimal vital mental and physical health through teaching the wisdom of Jesus.

He is our wounded healer and calls us to bring His wholeness through the Father.

We are ministers of reconcilliation as the Holy spirit directs with discernement

We safely create a sacred place to heal and restore in one to one counselling, helplines, mentoring, support groups,alongside teaching and training workshops.

What is our response? Is it taken from Isaiah 6? Here I am, Lord send me?

But let those who love Him be like the sun When it comes out in full strength.”

We love Jesus Christ because he loved us and came to earth to live a holy life. He was crucified; He died; was buried but He is now risen and seated at the right hand of the Father. He will return again in triumph for His bride and create a new heaven and earth

He is alive and praying for us and the Father directs the Holy Spirit to form us into wounded healers as He brings wholeness through us to a broken and lost humanity.

Target group; a generation thrived.There was peace at the gate for forty years.

Art and Craft workshops in house, and creative events in the community sector

One to one counselling, mentoring, therapeutic peer groups,

Continuous personal development courses for all ages and stages of life

Psycho-educational and psycho-social teaching and training in multi functional skills

Training in life skills including nutrition and environmental restoration and theology

Referral network for professional services, support groups and statutory agencies

Support of disadvantaged and disenfranchised through the local community

Raising funds by utilising the existing agencies and creating new infrastructures.

Three generations welcome the lonely into the family of God.

The fields are white unto harvest but the labourers are few.

Pray the Lord of the harvest that He sends workers.

Team leader Vivienne Kane 07960956878

Committee members Maureen Mullan Melanie McGee Karen McKitterick

Sharon McCollum Joyce Ferguson Maria Herron

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